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Alkymi Data Inbox is the first ever Data Inbox for enterprises that breaks the unstructured data logjam by automatically freeing data from email and documents to drive real time decisions and action.

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Instantly access your data

Machine learning applied to your unstructured data empowers you to move with greater speed, insight and transparency while providing seamless human-in-the-loop workflows.

Learns and adapts

Alkymi Data Inbox learns from your workflow and lets users intuitively automate repetitive tasks using active learning, without the creation of new apps or processes.

Enterprise ready

Built to meet the rigors of financial services demands. Seamlessly Integrates with your systems. Enterprise-deployment ready.

Alkymi Data Inbox makes workflows actually flow

Alkymi delivers the first enterprise platform to understand documents using deep learning and visual analysis paired with your human in-the-loop expertise. Data Inbox massively reduces time spent on data entry by business analysts and frontline operators so they can spend more time generating business insights, while real-time automation of high-value content workflows quickly delivers more accurate and precise data to operators and decisionmakers across your enterprise.

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Financial Services

Respond to regulatory changes, remediate Libor risk, and automate operations for credit, loans, and derivatives.


Automating investment operations, performance and exposure data.


Accelerate new client prospecting. Automate data extraction for the generation of client proposals.


Transform data in illiquid markets, PE data flows, company financials, and PPMs.

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