How it works

Alkymi understands your data and automates workflows using deep learning and computer vision paired with human expertise.

Stage 1. Alkymi detects patterns

The platform ingests and normalizes a wide range of unstructured data such as documents, PDFs, images, and XML. The high-accuracy pipelines use image recognition, and natural language processing together with unique domain knowledge to develop a deep document understanding.

Stage 2. Alkymi learns from your input

Documents with high confidence scores go straight to extraction. Those with low confidence scores are candidates for your review. By reviewing them Alymi learns what you exactly need from your documents and constantly improves the deep learning models.

Stage 3. Alkymi deploys workflow automation

The pipeline extracts the relationships, entities and concepts delivered in formats that are easy to integrate with existing systems. Flexible analytics and customized search to enable data discovery, content metrics.

Document Workflow Automation

Alkymi’s solution starts by bringing all of your documents into a single, unified queue. Incoming documents from emails, content management, or Alkymi’s REST API are then automatically classified by type while allowing for a human-in-the-loop when explicit verification is needed. For document types the system has not seen yet, the same queue prompts the user for document classification and then learns from that input.

AI-powered Data Extraction for Financial Services

Alkymi’s AI engine learns the patterns in your documents enabling the automated extraction of salient data across any variety of documents types. From tables to inferred meaning from text, thanks to our unique approach combining multiple techniques, we transform and map data contained in documents to whatever the destination schema or database requires.

End document drudgery with Alkymi’s AWS-powered automated data entry and document insights.

Enterprise Ready Solutions


Respond to regulatory changes, remediate Libor risk,  and automate operations for credit, loans,  and derivatives

Asset Management

Automating investment operations, performance and exposure data.

Wealth Management

Accelerate new client prospecting. Automate data extraction for the generation of client proposals.

Alternative Assets

Transform data in illiquid markets, PE data flows, company financials, and PPMs.

Create Operational Alpha

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